Food Friday: Gerry's Grill at AS Fortuna, Mandaue

Whether you're with your honey, family or circle of friends, you'd be glad to share Gerry's array of delectable dishes. It's proven: people of all ages (and races) find a Gerry's dish that satisfies their craving.

Island Trotters Join Sinulog 2015

What is the essence of Sinulog? This troop waded through the crowd to rediscover the meaning of this time-honored festival.

Free and Fun Trip to Pandanon Island

Imagine my happiness when I found out we were going to the beach for our year-end office party! I immediately googled images of "Pandanon Island" as soon as I heard it would be the venue. How lucky of us!

A Surprise Visit to Matalom, Leyte

I have planned this for a year. Nothing could change my mind from visiting my beloved hometown - Matalom, Leyte.

Unveiling Island Trotters' New Travel Companion

We're so excited about our new adventure companion - the "Origins: A Travel Journal" from Bo's Coffee. A product of homegrown social enterprisers, artists and travel writers, this journal is sure to spark a generation of thoughtful travelers..

Island Trotters 'Humbled and Grateful' for BCBA 2014 Nomination

Island Trotters turned one year old just last September. It started out as a simple blog about Neil and Issa's adventures. Then it grew into a platform where passionate travelers could share their unique journeys to the world.

Awesome Road Trip with Friends in Cebu

No maps. No heavy bags. Just enough cash for fuel, food, water, and unexpected detours.